Gratitude Growth

Our flagship initiative, Gratitude Growth, is a 12-week, curriculum-based program aimed at developing a culture of positivity and emotional intelligence in students. Through various exercises, discussions, and activities, we help students recognize the power of emotions, specifically gratitude. Our program goes beyond theory; it provides practical tools and experiences that foster a deep understanding of emotional well-being.

Results from out Pilot program with 148 students:


Students Increased their daily Happiness Level.


Students improved their awareness of emotions.


Students decreased their anxiety and stress.


Students increased their ability to bounce back from adversity.


Students improved the satisfaction within their relationships.


Students practiced gratitude throughout the course.

Our Course

  • x12 40-Minute Sessions that that blend educational content with practical exercises
  • Each participant receives a gratitude journal to enhance their learning experience.
  • Various activities are designed not only to challenge students and take them out of their comfort zones but also to encourage collaboration.

In today’s society, many young people are unaware of the power of gratitude and support, so we create situations that allow them to directly experience these transformative forces.

Example Activity

Gratitude Web

Gratitude Web – Start with a ball of yarn. Hold onto the end and throw the ball to a student, expressing something you appreciate about them or their actions. The student then holds a part of the yarn and throws the ball to another, repeating the process. Continue until a web of yarn is formed, connecting everyone in the circle.

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