Hiped Warriors

Testimonials from those we’ve helped, along with regular updates via text messages, will keep you connected to the cause, making you an integral part of our journey. This initiative is designed not just to fund a mission but to forge a community of like-minded individuals who believe in making a significant difference in the mental and emotional health of our youth.

Becoming a Hiped Warrior means standing on the front lines of change, advocating for a brighter, healthier future for teenagers worldwide. Your belief in our cause fuels our foundation, enabling us to reach more young minds and hearts than ever before.

What is a Hiped Warrior?

A Hiped Warrior is not just a donor; they are a beacon of hope, a champion of change, and a vital member of our community committed to transforming the lives of teenagesrs around the globe. As a Hiped Warrior, you join a dedicated group of 100 individuals pledging $50-%100 a month for 12 months, directly supporting our foundational pillars of emotional intelligence, mental well-being, and leadership grounded in faith.

Your impact extends far beyond financial support. Hiped Warriors are deeply involved in our mission, experiencing firsthand the change they help create. Through exclusive monthly video calls, you’ll dive deep into the heart of our operations, witnessing the tangible effects of your contributions. Our weekly newsletters will keep you informed and inspired, sharing stories of progress, gratitude, and the real-world impact of our programs.


  • Drew Livanos 
  • Zain Gaziani 
  • Connor Ryker 
  • Eric Hornbeek
  • Bart Weymeis 
  • Jeremy Weber 
  • david taylor 
  • Joshua Courage
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Michael Suarez
  • Ben Joselson
  • Brandon Layne
  • Katie Rago
  • Blaze Hirsch
  • Myles Cochran 
  • Miguel Mora 
  • Joey Mosseri
  • Natalie Langford 
  • Diane Adams & Tony 
  • Matthew Beukelman 
  • JJ Saugstad 
  • William Riesner 
  • Sharon Cannata 
  • Chris Hodl 
  • Benjamin Harbuck 
  • Robbie Mattson 
  • Allison Walters
  • Al Leruth 
  • Ryan Shisler
  • Stephen Miller
  • Nicholas DellUniversita 
  • Sam Harbuck 
  • Dave Tilley 
  • Irving Kassin
  • Dillon Clark
  • Kevin Sonei
  • Jancarlo Sanchez
  •  Khaled Abuhantash 
  • Bou Mina 
  • Robert Barton
  • Trav Hubert 
  • Alan CarrollTom Tger 
  • Jason Rob 
  • Morty Matt
  • Kristen Suburban 
  • Jay Bitboy
  • Mark Doorgeest 
  • Brett Johnston
  • Joseph Rivera 
  • Ryan Hof 
  • Danny Gallagher 
  • Steven Renfrow
  • Jacob Calloway 
  • AJ Vaynerchuk
  • Dominic Rouzaud 
  • Craig Hamer
  • Ryan Riojas
  • Wayne Allen 

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