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Our flagship initiative, Gratitude Growth, is a 12-week, curriculum-based program aimed at developing a culture of positivity and emotional intelligence in students. Through various exercises, discussions, and activities, we help students recognize the power of emotions, specifically gratitude. Our program goes beyond theory; it provides practical tools and experiences that foster a deep understanding of emotional well-being.

Results from our Pilot program with 148 students: 

-57.4% of students increased their daily happiness level.

-80.5% of students improved their awareness of emotions.

-37.4% of students had a decrease in anxiety and stress. 

-63% of students increased their ability to bounce back from adversity. 

-52.3% of students improved the satisfaction within their relationships.

-86.4% of students practiced gratitude throughout the course.

I don’t know how you want to display these? We can put them into graphs or pie charts. Let me know your thoughts. I really just care about the flow of the website. 

Here are the main gratitude growth photos I think we should use. They are in the drive, I just wanted to highlight them here. 


More information on the Parenthood Project will be available soon.

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