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That evening unfolded into one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The team from To The Moon Cards orchestrated a fundraising event, auctioning off an array of cards with all proceeds designated for our foundation. My anticipation was tempered with modest expectations, aiming to keep my hopes in check. The event was hosted on Whatnot, a platform where “tips” directly contribute to us, bypassing the standard fees associated with item sales. The momentum was electrifying from the start, with Tom and Jayrob championing the cause for tips, and astonishingly, we quickly amassed $200 in tips alone! My initial projection for the night hovered around raising $500-$1000, yet we surpassed that benchmark within the first half-hour. The whirlwind of emotions I experienced is hard to articulate—feeling overwhelmingly blessed, humbled, and deeply grateful for the overwhelming support from our community.

The night was nothing short of spectacular, witnessing an outpouring of donations and affirmations of support for our mission from nearly 50 individuals through tips or card purchases. The enthusiasm was palpable as I joyously acknowledged each donor by name, adding an exhilarating touch to the event. We even saw some astonishingly generous donations, including rare cards from individuals who appeared just to support our cause. The highlight of the evening came from Savy, who generously assembled an entire deck for auction, fetching over $300! In total, we raised over $4000, a figure that far exceeded my wildest dreams. Coincidentally, the stream took place on my son’s second birthday, which I now believe brought us a stroke of good luck. The immense gratitude and joy that filled me that night is beyond words. It was a heartwarming affirmation of the incredible impact we can achieve together. Truly, my heart was overflowing with fulfillment after such a phenomenal night.

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